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NGV Competition 2020

Ghost In The Nets

Project team: 

Nadine Samaha

Sarah Naarden

Wei Guo

Lam Le

2021 World Architecture Community:

"This was a submission for the NGV competition where we were incorporating regenerative and social design. This project was designed in collaboration with Sarah Naarden and with the assistance of Wei Guo and Lam Le."

We are incredibly grateful to have received this World Architecture Community Award for our "Ghost in the Nets" project. We thank the jury for recognizing our project with this award.

Project Description:

Drawn in by the arm of a much-needed embrace, a familiar cochlear form invites my deep listening. Curious scents drift into my consciousness with a sea of possibility. With wonder, my hand runs along a brittle and rubbery skin. One ear detects an audible soundscape, reminiscent of a faraway sea. One I once discovered in a shell inverting memory and space. My heart slows with a nurturing heartbeat, sounds of sticks clapping, waves lapping interlacing with the crackle of a fire. I follow others in their ritual of participation. I choose a strand of the slimy brown kelp, guided by the stories of an Indigenous ecologist. This is an invasive species threatening our delicate coastal ecologies. We could eat it, create energy, medicine and shelter from it. I thread the kelp into the discarded Ghost nets doing my part. Hope this moiré finds a new home in a bushfire affected area.​

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