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Melbourne 2014

Glen Iris Residence



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Consultants and contractors

Hellier McFarland Pty Ltd

Southern Geotechnical Engineers

Nsient Consulting Engineers

Anthony Middling and Associates

Northern Environmental Design


Matthew Mallet 

The property was under Heritage overlay and close to Monash Freeway. The concept was to link the front and the back garden through a linear walkway, which serves all the private areas and lead to the entertaining ones. The deck in the front is angled towards the front gate so it is more inviting; it continues through the porch and leads you through a nice journey through the back deck. The existing house was renovated to accommodate the private bedroom spaces with their amenities. The new extension focused on the public space without undermining the character of the existing house. As the property is close to the freeway, this arrangement made it suitable to enjoy the outdoors without being affected by the noise.


Even though the new extension had to be erected on a concrete slab for thermal mass, all the external surfaces were kept pervious as using decking, crushed pebbles in driveway and garden beds all around. Deciduous trees were planted to provide shade in summer and allow heat in winter where the evergreen on the perimeter of the property was planted to provide privacy.


A new water tank of 5000 litres was installed underground in the back garden that collects all roof water, to be used for flushing toilets and watering the garden.


The existing and the new house were insulated with roofs reaching over R5. Double-glazing was installed on the new extension with low-E glass and Aragon gas in between. Hydronic gas heating was installed to provide constant heat in winter. A heat pump was used for water heating instead of solar one as it uses minimum energy and is very effective. All lights are LED and all appliances have a minimum 5 stars rating.

All materials were specified with low emitting and some completely  VOC  free materials,  paint, adhesives and sealants. Mixed of recycled and new Tasmanian Oak timber flooring was laid in the old and new extension, PEFC certified. All timber flooring and veneer cupboards were sealed with Wocca natural oil free from any VOC.


A Solar Powered Roof Ventilator was installed in the existing house to extract the heat from the roof in summer. The existing and the new area enjoy direct sunlight that can be protected in summer with the internal blinds, the deciduous trees and climbers on the pergola.

Provision for 6.6kilowatts solar panels to generate electricity will be installed on the sloping roof of the new extension by the clients. The windows in the existing house will be fitted with extra glazing mounted on magnetic frames as per the original specifications.

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