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Melbourne 2014

Golden Way



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Consultants and contractors

Hellier McFarland Pty Ltd

Southern Geotechnical Engineers

Nsient Consulting Engineers

Anthony Middling and Associates

Northern Environmental Design


Matthew Mallet 

The clients newly retired were looking to build a new house that could become their retreat but still be able to entertain and accommodate sometimes their grandchildren and overseas visitors.

This property overlooking the city and the Bulleen Park was an ideal location for them as it was close to their family and friends. The views however were seen from the South side of the property. The design intent was mainly to capture natural sunlight in the large entertaining areas whilst enjoying these views. A long skylight in the middle spine of the roof and double storey high windows above the front door was designed to allow the North into the entertaining area, the master bedroom and their retreat upstairs. A large pond with high bamboos takes centre stage that is home for 65 thriving fish that creates a serene environment when the clients are not busy entertaining. This courtyard proved to be better covered than opened with Melbourne Climate. The clients’ Swarovski extensive crystal collection was displayed in glass cabinets enjoyed by the visitors on both side of the courtyard area. The new native landscape was designed to complement the form of the house and to create lush surroundings.

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