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Melbourne 2020

Royd Clan’s Autonomous House


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Consultants and contractors

Clair McVilly – City of Greater Geelong

Smith Land Surveyors

Southern Geotechnical

Eco Vision Australia


Northern Environmental Design

Baxter Ecology & Associates

Beacon Ecological

BSA Building Surveyors


Hyne Timber

Building Bloc

Flexaseal Waterproofing

Ric Day & Co


John Gollings and others

Royd Clan’s House at Ceres is built to provide an autonomous residence and farm for our clients. Having 3 young boys, the concept was tailored for a ludic architecture but with a contextual and environmental base.

The pavilions are designed to emulate the existing boulders on the site. Using angled walls reduced the concrete slab surface and created a better connection with the upper mezzanine level.  Natural light and ventilation are this way maximized. The clustered pavilion concept was deduced to deflect the strong wind turbulence while maximizing North exposure. Bringing in nature and some of the existing ruins was an important factor for the project. The scattered stones from the remainder of the existing late 1800 house are used as supporting walls for the internal stairs. Biophilic Design is implemented through greening inside underneath the glass connectors between the pavilions and nature viewing to outside.


Prefabricated off-site CLT and Glulam renewable timber were chosen for carbon sequestration and to further connect with natural materials eliminating as much as possible the use of plaster. 30kw Solar panels off the grid are installed backed by stored batteries' system to power the house, farm and vehicles. 80,000 litres water tank has been placed to harvest rainwater from the roofs backed by 2 large existing dams. Over 3500 native trees and flowers have been planted with the help of Landcare last year to rehabilitate the soil and provide an income for the farm. These house features along the application of all the design principles will contribute to zero emissions.

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