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Melbourne 2016

The Ridge


level architekture


Anderson Homes


Desmier Designs
S.K.D. Garden Design
Nsient Consulting Engineers
Anthony Middling & Associates
Hellierd McFarland-Cityplan
Northern Environmental Design
Allen Karlovic Soil Engineering



Georges Chedid

As most baby boomers are downsizing our clients decided, instead, to upsize to accommodate their extended family. This two-storey house is designed so our clients can enjoy the ground floor with the private study, master bedroom, living areas and garden, while the upstairs floor is catered for the extended family, with a private kitchenette and terraces.


The unique levelling and open plan allow for a seamless engagement with the surrounding environment, blending the interior with the exterior.


We chose red cladding on the sloped and vertical forms to blend the modern contemporary form with the neighbours’ existing traditional brick houses.


This contemporary sustainable house enjoys a temperate environment due to the implementation of the main principles of passive design:

  • Capturing North sunlight with adequate screening

  • Allowing cross ventilation through the whole house

  • Installing double glazing with low U value

  • Increasing the insulation in all external and internal walls


We were able to maximize the use of solar panels by avoiding a pitched roof. These solar panels generate eight kilowatts, which cater to most of the energy needs of the house. We also installed a 20,000-litre rainwater tank under the front garden in order to irrigate the garden and provide water for the toilets.

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