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Melbourne 2001

York Avenue Residence



level architekture


level konstrukt


Makit Engineers

Anthony Middling & Associates


John Gollings

The clients knew that the falling apart existing house needed to be demolished but they wanted to keep the pool so their children can enjoy using it while growing up. The new contemporary house was designed to embrace that pool but in the same time to create a journey from the front to the back surrounded by the lush gum trees setting in Ivanhoe. The minimalistic facade in the front is designed to act as a background for the front gum tree garden but to enjoy large fenestration capturing the maximum light from the North. The double height in the front entry and in the back of the house in the formal living area filter further North and South light in the middle spine of the house and all living areas downstairs and upstairs. This allowed the air to circulate freely; The hot air rises in winter and is enjoyed upstairs while it is allowed to escape through open fenestration in summer and cool off passively the house. A courtyard is positioned in front of the open plan casual living area to seize the North light. This area overlooks the pool and the beautifully landscaped garden, allowing full supervision of the kids and full immersion in the outdoors.

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